Home is important and here’s why

Creating a physical space for rest, hospitality, fellowship, and laughter is foundational to life.

That space can take on a spectrum of different colors, vibes, and styles– theres no official formula because it is like a personal game of Tetris, always changing and a million different combos (sometimes the worst and so confusing)…

My husband Jake and I recently got married, so this Blue House Theory blog is a chronicle of our first space together as newlyweds, our house is blue, hence the name. Our home is made up of many hand-me-down pieces, and pillows are my love language.

Instead of trying to have our home polished and finished all at once from all of the big department stores, we have tried to think about our space as more of a work in progress, always changing always growing, always adjusting to life. When things are too controlled then the home becomes a museum rather than a place of hospitality. Our hope is that home will be a place of grace and compassion, it doesn’t have to be perfectly manicured. We’ve added pieces from vintage markets, garage sales, or even a side- of- the road find! Carefully mixing the refined with the hand- me- down elements makes for a unique space and a fun story! These are my hopes for our space… so this design blog is meant to inspire and help cultivate a sense of home that works for your style. If your questioning yourself asking, “soooo like, how high do I hang this photo?” then hopefully the Blue House Theory blog will point you in the right direction with all those thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!


B. Allen